Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two possibilities for today

I can't decide which one to do - check back later to see what I chose!

Experiment card:
Buy 2 Smart Rinses and the double paper - $9.48 - $2 ($1 off each Smart Rinse) = $7.48, use $5.97 in ECBs and $1.51 in cash, get back $6.98 (loss of 50 cents but that means the paper only costs 50 cents).


Other card:
Buy 1 Smart Rinse, 3 band aids, the double paper - $11.96 -$1 ($1 off Smart Rinse) = $10.96, pay with $10 ECB and 96 cents (plus tax), get back $9.46. This one's more likely as the $10 ECB has an earlier expiration date and is one big chunk that I want to split up. But it will depend on whether the store has everything in stock or not.

I tried to work the $3/$10 CVS brand coupon into both deals but I maxed the bandaids out on the experiment card and I honestly don't need any more Q-tips (plus that's barely a money maker and I'd still need filler).

See you in a bit!

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