Monday, May 24, 2010

CVS - Profit-making Gillette bodywash + outlet shopping

First, I went to CVS, where I used $4.99 ECBs + $1 ECBs (my green bag tag ECBs) and a BOGO coupon to get two bottles of Gillette bodywash plus the double Sunday paper ($3). I paid about $1 OOP and got back $8. Nice.

Then yesterday we hit the outlet stores. I had a 25% off any purchase coupon from Carters so I got:
4 pairs of socks
2 pajama onesies
1 pajama shirt/pant set
3 onesies
1 "Birthday Girl" shirt
2 outfits (onesie/top plus pants)
1 pair jean shorts

for $58 plus tax. I also bought a non-stick-pot-usable spatula ($3.99), an electric tart warmer ($14), and two pairs of Stride Rite sneakers for my daughter ($35-ish - one pair lights up!). Oh and one book at the awesome closeout bookstore that always has many things I want.

And my friend who thrifts like nobody's business hooked me up with tons of books including three beautiful giant cookbooks - Babbo, Nigella Eats, and The Naked Chef Takes Off. I suspect she paid around $6 for them, total. They are lovely.

And today's mail brought a coupon for a free carton of Simply Smart milk and a free bottle of non-alcoholic Baileys creamer. Yum yum. I still have two free Kraft coupons for products I cannot find in stores, sadly. At least those expire in October, so there's time...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free stuff at Publix!

Publix was great for free stuff this week! I got a free Schick razor, free Schick shave gel (and realized after we left the store I had coupons for a second - ah well), free Fisher snack mix, and free Kraft olive oil mayo (that was from a sample box Kraft sent me - I also have two other Kraft freebie coupons but the store didn't carry the products). I also got organic bread for $1.25 thanks to sale + Kroger coupon and inexpensive bagged salad thanks to sale + coupon from Publix Family Style magazine.

PLUS the cashier was awesome. Yay!

Monday, May 17, 2010

CVS - Free Herbal Essences shampoo - plus the mailed freebies I've gotten lately

First, CVS was nice this week. I had a $4 ECB and I used that plus 40 cents (my pre-tax total was negative 2 cents) to get a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner from Herbal Essences aka the brand I use anyway. Got my $4 back plus $1 for my Green Bag Tag (I LOVE THAT THING). Since I have a $4, $4.99 (or is it $4.50? I forget), and $1, I skipped the razor this week - I would've only gotten it if it were free-with-tax or a brand my husband loves.

Then, in the past few days I've gotten in the mail:
A sample of fancy Suave shampoo
A sample of Pantene shampoo and conditioner
A sample of Philosophy's anti-aging moisturizer
A coupon for a free box of Kraft mac and cheese
A coupon for a free bag of fancy Kraft mac and cheese something or other
A coupon for a free thing of Kraft mayo with olive oil
3 little bags of Wheat Thins (sun-dried tomato I think?)
3 little sample packs of instant coffee with vanilla and stuff - International Cafe or something?
2 Cascade action packs (we use these in the dishwasher)
A sample of Metamucil (I keep getting these and not using them...)

Plus we went to the Alive! Expo in Atlanta thanks to Half Off Green - I got two tickets for $10 (and brought a can of beans as a donation) to this organic/natural expo. It was totally worth it - we got several reusable bags, some samples of Omega-3 supplements, and a bunch of food samples (including Cascadian Farms organic granola and granola bars and some gluten-free chips), and we also snacked our way through. Apparently we should've gotten a free loaf of bread too, but ah well, we missed that. Oh and I got a free 5 minute massage that really helped get the kinks out after I spent almost 11 hours on my feet on Saturday selling my wares at a craft show. Heavenly.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

CVS plan for Mother's Day 2010 - 5-9-10

I have a $2.50 ECB (from quarterly spending) and a $5 (from doing the Nivea deal last week - I used 2x$4, 2x$1, $2-2-body-wash-CRT, and did the deal).

First, I have to buy the paper (not at CVS, at Kroger, where they always have the double paper available). That will be $3 cash.

Then I'll fish out the $5 Schick coupon.

Next: Crest - $3.50 (I actually want/need the mouthwash, so I won't use the coupon that's for the toothpaste) plus Schick - $8.99 minus $5 coupon = $3.99. I'll be a penny short of my ECBs, so I'll see if the cashier will take them first. I'll break even, ECB-wise.

Then a second Crest, because I need it - use $3.50, get back $3.50.

Then 2 Right Guard deodorants - $5.98, minus $3-2 coupon, so $2.98 - and Kotex $4.99 - here's where it gets tricky, as I have the regular printable AND the CVS-only printable. If the cashier will let me use both (and she should), I'll need $1.50 in filler stuff (paper towels or toilet paper, most likely). If not, just 50 cents in filler, which is a travel tissue pack. I'll get back $4 and $4.99 - profit!

We'll see....

Done! Not pictured, 12-pack of Cottonelle toilet paper. Total OOP: about $4. And I now have $9.50 in ECBs.