Monday, June 2, 2008

Some June Scenarios

Experiment Card:

2x CVS cotton swabs ($3.19 x 2 = $6.38)
2x CVS bandaids ($1.99 x 2 = $3.98)

-$3/$10 CVS brand (from scanner)
pay $7.36 (use $4.99 and $2 ECBs)
get back $7.98

*I also have a $3.99 ECB that expires 6/13 - so I may just use that toward one of the Dove deodorants (see below). I also might do the Purell deal since I have two coupons for $1/Purell and the deal is buy-2-get-2-ECBs. Does anyone know how much the Purell is?

Other Card:

2x CVS cotton swabs ($3.19 x 2 = $6.38)
2x CVS bandaids ($1.99 x 2 = $3.98)
1x Brut deodorant ($3.69)

-$3/$10 CVS brand (from scanner)
-$1 Brut
pay $10.05 (use $10 ECBs)
get back $10.98

(There is buzz that you can get 3x the bandaids - if so, I'll save the extra one for filler later in the month.)

I also really really like the new Dove deodorants (the cucumber one, the grapefruit one, the water lily one - I got a free sample of each one and now they're my new favorites). There is a June deal of buy $10, get $3 in ECB back. I have two 75 cent coupons for the deodorant so far, but that's still not a super amazing deal since I'm currently low on ECBs. I may buy two and then wait to see if other Dove deodorant coupons come out before maxing out the deal. I also just ordered a $10 CVS gift card from mypoints (yay!) so if it comes before the end of June I can use THAT to help me out.

I'm probably going to skip the free toothbrushes this month - I have plenty now - unless there is some super moneymaking deal or I need to roll something.

I haven't seen anything OMG AMAZING in the upcoming circulars, but maybe something will jump out at me. I never need diapers - I use cloth - so diaper deals are lost on me, and that seems to be the biggest excitement for the other CVS blogs that I read...I'm hoping for a sale on the Dove deodorant to show up late in the month, personally!

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