Thursday, February 18, 2010

CVS - Free Crest mouthwash, free Aussie conditioner - back in the saddle!

I decided to swing by my local CVS again - I went in a few days ago and they seemed to be out of the Crest, so I figured I'd ask for a raincheck. The lines were long, so I grabbed the circular to look one more time, and I found two bottles on the shelf after all!


1 bottle Crest Enamel-saving Mouthwash - $3.50
- $2 coupon.
$1.75 in cash including tax. Got back $3.50 plus $1 for Green Bag Tag. (I love that thing!)


1 bottle Crest - $3.50
1 bottle Aussie conditioner - $2.99
- $3.50 ECBs, $2/Crest, $1/Aussie. [Handed over in this order. The cashier said "It doesn't matter" but I didn't want the ECBs to beep since my total after coupons would've been $3.49...]
44 cents cash. Got back $3.50, $2.

So I now have $6.50 in ECBs to play with, hooray!