Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've moved!

Well, I've moved in the virtual world, anyway.

I'm now blogging at All of the deal/savings/freebie/CVS posts, plus posts about everything from smoothies to music to my life in general.

Come on over. At some point, I'll import all of the posts from this blog to over there (I think I know how), but for now they'll hang out here.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

CVS - Free Dulcolax and semi-free razors

I hit CVS this morning planning to get the free Dulcolax (a $4 MM after coupon) and free Schick razor (coupon + ECBs = free) plus some filler items. But my husband (rightfully) pointed out that he really needs more refills and not more actual razors. This is his favorite brand, too. So I bought the refills instead and used the $2 coupon. Not free, but way cheap, and the moneymaker deal covered it anyway.

I spent about $3 OOP plus $7.99 and $2.99 in ECBs and got back $13.99. Yay.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Round up of deals lately

I took a survey through CVS and got $5 in Extrabucks (on my "other" card but I'll use it on the Schick razors tomorrow). I also got coupons in the mail (not attached to either card) for $5/$30 and $25 with prescription.

I went to a "warehouse" sale that featured indie boutiques around my city. Most things were out of my price range (or too fancy for me) but I scored some small things that were worth about $125 total for $20 total.

I used the printable Gardein coupon to get Gardein at Publix for $1 (I printed two, a friend gave me one, and another friend gave me two more, and then I bought a few for $2 without coupon - a GREAT deal).

Kroger mailed me a pack of personalized coupons that include free baby carrots and free salad dressing, as well as coupons for Morningstar Farms and Laughing Cow. The name-brand coupons are marked "manufacturer" so I'm assuming I can't stack them at Publix, but I still can use them at either store. (I'll use the frees at Kroger, because it's just easier.)

My daughter needed labels for many of the things I send with her to preschool. Mabels Labels are really nice, high quality, and lovely, but they're pricey. Instead I bought similar labels from Gloria on Etsy for about 1/10 of the price. Etsy and Ebay are two places one should always look when hoping for a bargain!

I also bought my daughter a wetbag (yes, her preschool accepts cloth diapers without issue - I send BumGenius pocket diapers that are just as easy to use as disposables, but she goes between two rooms so I needed to send an extra wetbag) from Amazing customer service and free shipping on every order - I love supporting this site!

And finally, I've been using my Vitamix to make smoothies every morning and good, whole foods every day. My favorite thing is to put spinach or kale into my smoothie, and I also grabbed some flax seeds at the market for extra omegas. This purchase was worth every penny for sure.