Sunday, April 11, 2010

CVS - Free toilet paper and shampoo

Ah, a good CVS day again!

I had $4.99 in ECBs.

I bought:
Dove shampoo: $4.49
Newspaper: $2 [not the double paper]
2 rolls of CVS-brand toilet paper - 2/$1

I used the $4.99 in ECBs, $1.50 off Dove coupon, and the $1-off-any-CVS-paper-product CRT from the scanner. My cashier made sure I got the full $1 off (she rules, but I don't know what she did/how she did it/if she did anything unusual - she just pointed out she'd make it happen), so the two rolls of TP were free. And the $1.50 overage from the Dove coupon went toward my newspaper. My pre-tax total was zero and so I paid 38 cents in tax OOP (ah, I miss the good old days when the ECBs took care of the tax!) and got back the $4.49 from the Dove. Plus I got $2.50 for quarterly spending (since I stopped doing tons of deals, we've spent a LOT at CVS, eep). I have not been able to print the Dial coupon at all, so I'm skipping that one this week - I have enough body wash to fill a bathtub anyway.