Saturday, August 15, 2009

CVS - Scenario/plans for August 16

OK here's what I think I'm going to do.

Option 1:

1 L'Oreal wrinkle cream $14.99
1 L'Oreal cleansing wipes - $5.99

Then some or all of the following:

6 Red Cross travel kits - $5.94
1 Phillips headphones - $6.99 (and you KNOW they'll be out of these, right? but I can try!)
2 school boxes - $3.98
2 filler paper - $1.98
2 mini composition books - $3.98
2 packs of pens - $1.98
2 packs of glue sticks [with rain check] - $1.98 [I think?]

I'll use $5/L'Oreal printable, $1/L'Oreal from 8/2/09 RedPlum, $5/$25 printable, 5x$1/Red Cross. The L'Oreal will be free after ECBs and I should make a profit on the Red Cross travel kits.

Then I'll save the free Rice Krispies and the photo book rain check for the following week, when I'll use my last $4/$20 (ReadyFill coupon) (I'm hoping I can combine the rain check $7.99/$7.99 Photobook with the BOGO sale - my favorite cashier wasn't sure but I'll ask again tomorrow.)

OR! Option 2:

If my store has every single freebie, including the free headphones, I may skip the L'Oreal (I don't need it but I do like the towelettes so...), get the free Rice Krispies and some of the other stuff listed above, and still use the $5/$25 for a bigger profit.

The way I see it, I have LOTS of ways to get to $25, and I can still hold on to my photo book rain check!

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