Saturday, August 29, 2009

CVS - Scenario for 8/30 and an update

First the update! CVS corporate emailed me and apologized and is giving me a $1 ECB to replace the one I lost. Hooray!

Second, my plans. I have all sorts of things I want/need this week and a $4/$20 I'd like to use. So I'm going to get some of the following, depending on what my store has in stock.

1 double Sunday paper - $2.50
1 Glade candle - $6.99 - I have a $2 printable coupon for this. I also have a feeling my store is going to be out of the candles, but I REALLY want one.
1 Clairol hair color - $4.99 - I have a $4 coupon for this, and I've been thinking it maybe time to dye my hair again.
2 boxes of baby wipes - they're on sale buy one, get one 50% off. We need these. We use cloth wipes too but sometimes we use the wet wipes for various things.
Possibly either the Aquafresh or Sensodyne toothpaste - I have a $1 coupon for each that would make them $1 after ECBs. The products look interesting and I really want to SPEND some of my bucks.

That should bring me to $20.


2 bottles of Renu - $7.99 x2 - I have a $2 CRT for the Sensitive Eyes and two $2 printable coupons for the Sensitive Eyes and two for the fresh lenses, plus $3/$12 eye care from the Readyfill booklet. This is my eye care solution of choice and I'm running low, though I still have a bunch of bottles of Complete eye solution that I got for free a while back too. This is all IF the Sensitive Eyes version is part of the sale. But even if it isn't, I'll probably go for it.

AND (Thanks to

1 Aquafresh, 1 Sensodyne, use two $1 printables and the $2/$10 oral care Readyfill coupon, get both for free. (Throw in a penny Arm&Hammer trial toothpaste if they have any left to get to 9.99.)

1 photobook - I still have my rain check for $7.99/$7.99.
I also still have a rain check for glue sticks (my Sunday store hasn't had them but the walking distance CVS has), as well as coupons for free small Glade candles (haven't yet seen these in any of my local stores), free Rice Krispies (my husband wants Cocoa Krispies though, and CVS doesn't have those that I've seen), and today I got free Lipton tea bags. All of these could be filler to get to $20.

Seriously, I think $30 in ECBs is manageable for me personally, and I have nearly $60! I may start buying toilet paper, paper towels, and more baby wipes or something. I also wanted a new memory card for my camera, so I might grab one of those. I have a $15+ ECB that I want to get rid of!

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