Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Scenarios for CVS - January 18, 2009

I have a few ideas for today - it all depends on what's in stock...

1 box of Soy Joy bars - $6
2 bottles of Dawn - $1.49 minus two 50 cent coupons, 49 cents.
2 boxes of CVS allergy medicine - $7.58
3 greeting cards - $2.98
99 cent filler - diaper wipes
Use $12, $2, $3.99. Get back $6, $7.58, $3

But what are the odds my store still has Soy Joys? And it seems that the American Greetings limit (what my store carries) is one.

I also could throw in a Throat Coolers - I have already bought 4 on this card, and I have a 50 cent coupon so it would be a small money maker. That would mean I would need to pay with a $10 and $12 and add a filler. But again, odds aren't very good that my store will have these.

In the end, I really want to get the cards and the Dawn - and probably the allergy meds too. We'll see how I do.

I also have a $2 ECB set to expire in a few days on my other card, so I'll probably use that to buy the paper. I'm going late, so I don't know if they'll have any double papers left, and I may need to go elsewhere and pay cash for that this week.

We'll see!

I also wanted to plug Swagbucks again:

Search & Win

I've earned about $25 in Amazon gift cards just for doing a few searches every day. Not bad! Please use my referral if you sign up.

And also I highly recommend signing up for I get no referral for this - but all you do is click on a few ads (and the ads are targeted specifically to you - I've actually ENJOYED the websites they send me to and have bookmarked several! - and you get a few cents. The money is deposited every week into your PayPal account, with no minimum. Sure, it's around $1 most weeks, but I just leave that in my PayPal account and look at it as a coupon toward an ebay purchase or something else I use PayPal for. Not bad at all!

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