Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My other card

I went to my favorite CVS and got:

10 digital prints
1 J&J First Aid Kit
1 Lumene Men's Shaving Gel
1 Crest Pro Health Rinse
1 box of 30 Breathe Right strips

Used Free 10 prints CRT, $1/any J&J First Aid Item from the Diabetes Book (I have another one...somewhere...if I can find it I'll do this again this weekend), $3 off any Lumene from the email I was sent, $3/Breathe Right CRT. Used a bunch of ECBs, spent about $1.30 and got back $2 for the Crest rinse (I prefer this to Listerine, even though I now have a ton of Listerine - I've already given away and/or donated some of that though). I don't use this card as often so I'd rather not have a ton of ECBs to worry about - instead, got things we needed!

Happy Holidays!

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