Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 50 - Trip 3

I made one last attempt to find the Arm and Hammer at one more store and failed miserably. Oh well - but that was actually one of the few things I really WANTED from this sale. Anyway, I wanted to get more Listerine but quickly discovered the store was mostly swept clean of ECB items - no Benefiber, almost all the Listerine gone, etc. (I forgot to look for the Thermacare but I really don't think they had any.) So. I found two Vanilla Mint Listerines left in the section and took them to get with my other card, grabbed a Zantac, and got ready to leave.

And then I spied a TON of Listerines in a totally random section of the store. These were marked with a tag that says "Merchandise in Diabetes/Home Diagnostics Set Only - Remove Label Upon Placement" and had a separate bar code sticker (I'm assuming these are related to the Diabetes book...maybe?). I scanned them at the scanner to make sure - and they came up at sale price! So I gave four to my husband (this experiment card *is* his card after all) and handed him an $11.98 ECB to use. For the first time in ages, this confused the cashier. "You didn't spend enough before tax," he said. So I stepped over and said "Yes, it's just 2 cents, go ahead and adjust it." The cashier looked like a rabbit caught in headlights, and I started to explain, but he got another cashier who fixed it in seconds.

So. With this card, I got 4 Listerines, paid zero OOP, and lost 2 cents of ECBs in the process, which is fine with me. With my other card I got 2 Listerines and a Zantac, paid 7 cents, and got back $1 more than I handed over (so I more than made up for the ECBs I 'spent' on things I needed earlier in the day). I *think* I am now done with this sale, although I am kind of tempted to walk back to one store tomorrow to max out the Benefiber on my other card and to look one last time for some Arm and Hammer...

No picture - imagine 4 bottles of Cool Mint Listerine.

Total OOP: $80.39
Total merchandise: 5 boxes of Excedrin, 5 boxes of CVS pain relief, 3 rolls of CVS TP, 5 12 oz. Softsoap SPA bodywashes, 1 diabetes monitor (donated), 1 EOB gift bag, 2 EOB lip butters, 2 bottles Herbal Essences shampoo, 2 bottles Herbal Essences conditioner, 5 18 oz. Softsoap SPA bodywashes, 7 Colgate toothbrushes, 3 Aquafresh toothpastes, 1 pair of CVS pantyhose, 4 Johnsons Buddies soaps, 6 travel tissue packs, 1 Dawn dish detergent, 17 double Sunday papers, 1 regular Sunday paper, 3 Tums Quik Paks, 3 boxes of CVS Loratadine, 1 spray sunblock [returned], 1 small tube sunblock, 2 boxes of cereal, 7 Colgate toothpastes, 1 box of 3 Intuition razor refills, 4 Adidas deodorants, 4 Brut deodorants, 5 Dove deodorants, 3 boxes of CVS band aids, 2 packs of CVS cotton swabs, 3 Listerine Smart Rinses, 6 bottles Powerade, 3 Nivea shave gels, 1 Benefiber, 1 bottle Dove shampoo, 1 bottle Dove conditioner, 2 tubes Nutritioniste cleanser, 4 bottles Dove body wash, 2 Oral B power toothbrushes, 2 sets of 2 Oral B power replacement heads, 1 bottle Palmolive Oxy, 16 SoyJoy bars, 3 boxes of Breathe Right strips, 5 boxes of cookies, 2-pack of Oral B toothbrushes, 24-pack Gold Emblem bottled water, 1 tube Physician's Formula mascara, 1 small jar CVS petroleum jelly, 3 photobooks, 2 packs of CVS panty liners, 8 tubs of baby wipes, 4 travel packs of baby wipes, 2 packs of makeup removing wipes, 4 packs of Trident gum, 1 pack of Thank You notes, 1 tube of Banana Boat sunblock, 2 travel-size bottles of Renu, 5 12oz bottles of Renu, 4 bags of Lifesavers, 4 big bags of M&Ms, 2 small bags of M&Ms, 2 bottles infant Advil, 1 bag of 30 CVS cough drops, 1 travel-sized bag of CVS cough drops, 3 bottles of Pert, 1 CVS ibuprofen, 2 bags Dove chocolate, 4 packs of Stayfree pads, 1 pack of Kotex lightdays pads, 4 Suave bodywashes, 2 Covergirl Wetslicks lipglosses, 2 Dawn hand renewal, 1 L'Oreal Genesis face wipes, 2 Chex Mix bags, 3 Revlon Color Stay nail polishes, 1 L'Oreal Revitalift cream, 1 box 30 Breathe Right Strips, 1 Nivea for Men bodywash, 1 bottle Crest Pro-Health rinse, 1 bottle CoverGirl clean foundation, 2 boxes of 3 Wellpatches, 1 large bottle Vitamin Water, 3 Bic Soleil razor + refills, 4 boxes Soleil refills, 2 packs of Always Infinity pads, 2 pumpkin pails, 2 bags of Brachs candy, 2 Funlights, 1 Just for Men haircolor, 2 2-packs of toothbrushes, 2 Excedrin Express Gels, 1 CVS-brand Vitamin D, 1 pack Bic Comfort Razors, 2 bags M&Ms fun size, 1 Nova Max glucose monitor, 5 greeting cards, 1 bottle Smart Water, 1 bottle Garnier shampoo, 2 Crest toothpastes, 2 Glade plug in fans, 2 Glade oil refills, 1 L'Oreal Age-Perfect Pro-Calcium tinted moisturizer, 2 L'Oreal lip glosses, 1 Garnier face wipes, 3 Sally Hansen nail polishes, 1 Aussie shampoo, 1 Aussie conditioner, 3 bottles of Gatorade G2, 1 Schick Quattro, 3 Maybelline mineral makeups, 1 Covergirl smoothing powder, 1 Covergirl smoothing liquid, 1 universal remote control, 1 Johnson's lotion, 2 bottles All Small&Mighty Free&Clear, 1 Cascade Action Pacs, 1 Hershey bar, 1 single-serving CVS water, 1 3-pack Rolaids, 2 bottles Complete contact lens solution, 2 tubes Maybelline lipstick, 1 Essence of Beauty bag with EOB products, 5 bottles Listerine, 1 pack of Benefiber sticks, 1 8-pack Zantac, 2 L'Oreal HIP metallic eye shadows, 2 boxes J&J Band Aids, 1 pack Halls Naturals.

Current ECB status: $49.79

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Michelle said...

Did you end up with one of the MIR forms for the Arm & hammer? Or the $1 off Q? (I don't remember when that Q exptires...)
Right now my Wal-mart has the A&H marked down to $2, use the $1 Q, and the MIR and get $2 back. So a $1MM right there.
That is, if that $1 off Q didnt expire on the 31st.