Saturday, December 20, 2008

Giving Publix Some Love

My main grocery store is actually Publix. I run to Kroger when there are super deals - or when I need some more free toilet paper - but Publix is where I do the bulk of my shopping. I actually developed loyalty to Publix when they carried a Greenwise line of Morningstar-Farms-esque products. Unfortunately they've since discontinued that line but my loyalty remains. They don't require you to have a card at Publix, but I do uPromise so I have one scanned anyway...

There are some really good deals at Publix that I wanted to share - all were discovered courtesy of - the best site I've found for coupon matchups (and it's FREE). All specifics can be found there, I just wanted to show you some deals.

Betty Crocker boxed potatoes are 10 cents after coupon - I bought some of the sweet potato version to donate.
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix is 35 cents after coupon. I may donate some of this...or keep it for myself to bake for my friends. Yum brownies!
Boxes of Frosted Flakes are $1 after coupon - not the healthiest cereal, but not awful. (Hey, I eat it!)
New York Texas Toast croutons are 20 cents after coupon. I'd never buy croutons but for 20 cents, hey, why not?
Hormel Chili (I didn't get this) is 25 cents after coupon - another great item to donate (I couldn't find it in the store or I would've gotten it to add to my donation pile).
Domino light brown sugar is 19 cents a box after coupon.
Fresh Express salad is on sale 2/$4. I found coupons at Kroger a few weeks ago for 75 cents off Fresh Express, and then in the Publix Advantage Buy circular is a store coupon for $2 off produce when you buy 2 Fresh Express salads.

Also, if you are near a Publix and you have a baby, I highly recommend signing up for their Baby Club. Every few months I get coupons that are excellent - $1 off any deli item, $1 off any produce item, $1 off any dairy item... There are also usually some coupons I'd never use, of course, and I don't really find the magazine to be particularly helpful, but it's totally worthwhile and I can honestly say that while Publix knows I am a parent now, I haven't noticed any uptick in junk mail at all. I also have signed up for all of the Publix magazines (you can subscribe at because the ones that are delivered to your home have better coupons than the ones you can pick up in the store. Again, I haven't noticed any increase in junk mail as a result of this, and I have gotten very valuable coupons.

And there you have it! Hooray for Publix!

Tomorrow I will be hitting CVS but I'm not as excited (or stressed) as I was for Black Friday. The deals are fun, but my main goal is just to roll some of my bucks and get a few things for free. And I don't have to buy the paper this week (or next) but I do need paper that may be where any profit/overage will go.

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