Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Other Card

The good part: I paid 2 cents OOP and got 1 ECB back for 2 papers (since it is a holiday with just one insert, they didn't package the double paper today so I paid $4 instead of $2.50) and 1 pack of makeup removing towelettes. I used the $2.99 from the brief period of free towelettes and the $1.98 (which was profit) from the panty liners.

The bad part: I read in two different places that there would be a $3 Olay Regenerist coupon in the P&G circular today. Instead, it was $3 off Definity moisturizer, messing up the deal I had planned for the week. I really could've just bought one paper today and been perfectly happy and used the other ECB to get the paper cheaper *next* week when there are more coupons. So I'm kind of annoyed but I am going to try to make the best of it and use the other P&G coupons to the extreme.

Also I had a lovely chat with the manager about the free photobooks for next week - and even he knew there had been coupons a few weeks ago - so free plus overage! I can't wait! My daughter turns one on Tuesday (ah, a personal tidbit for you) and so I plan on making these books for various relatives.

ETA: Here's my plan to salvage my mistake (there's not much in the P&G flier that I even want/need - ARGH):

Olay Ribbons x 4 (5.99x4 = 23.96)
-$2 off Ribbons x 4 ($8)
-$8.99 ECBs
=$6.97 OOP plus tax, get back $10 ECBs

Not that I *need* more body wash, but this isn't a bad price for this stuff either.

I also am going to use at least one of the Cascade coupons (50 cents off 2-in-1 pacs) at the grocery store where it will be doubled...

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