Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Other Card...

I think I did my only CVS trip for the week this morning, and I used my other card because I wanted to do some profit-making deals and I'd already maxed them out on the experiment card. In the end, I bought 2 Tums Quik Paks, 2 CVS Loratadines, 1 travel pack of tissues, 2 Colgate toothbrushes, and the double paper. I walked in with $11.77 in ECBs and I walked out with $13.17 in ECBs, and I paid the sales tax with the money card (which began its life as ECBs). Not bad. :)

Now on both cards I've maxed out the Tums (the best deal of the month - I made $3 in profit from that and there is a mail in rebate in today's paper as well - the coupon I requested because I couldn't print it arrived, and it was the wrong coupon unfortunately - $1 off a large bottle of Tums rather than $2.25 off the Quik Pak, which was kind of disappointing). I can get 2 more toothbrushes (and use the $1/2 coupon) and one more Loratadine. In theory I could get a bunch of Adidas deodorants and some tooth pick things, but I am not really interested in either and will likely skip those deals this month unless I find that I need filler, which is unlikely at this stage of the game.

Next week there is no paper to buy (no coupons for Memorial Day), but there are some nifty freebies (Sierra Mist soda and nail polish). Looking forward to it!

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