Monday, May 12, 2008

Day Ten - Trip One

Returned the CVS brand sunscreen (I think the cashier thought I had used it up in its entirety and then returned it. For the record - just putting this here to make myself feel better ;) - it was a spray that felt empty when I bought it to start with, we used it once, and my daughter had a skin reaction to it) and I got a gift card for the full price plus tax. So I have a gift card now for $5.34 that I can use with either card.

I'm looking forward to using the gift card to cover my 10 cents here, 20 cents there OOP purchases. I also am very close to earning a $10 gift card to CVS from mypoints.

And here's some more shamelessness - I have been a member for years. I've gotten TONS of gift cards from them, including Target, Amazon, and CVS. It's easy - they send you emails (which all have a common header, so I filter them into a single email folder to keep the clutter down - I got NO other spam from them) and you click the link in the email for 5 points (sometimes more, sometimes if you do a survey it's 10 points if you don't qualify/50 if you do, that sort of thing). You can also click through and make purchases to get points (I do this all the time - from the Entertainment Book to gifts from Babies R Us to purchases at They add up pretty quickly and then you can cash them in for gift cards! I just got another $25 Amazon gift card and like I said, next up is $10 at CVS!

Why am I telling you this? Because if I refer you, I get points. If you find my blog or this post interesting, leave your email address in a comment and I'll send you a referral. Thanks!

Oh, and I bought stuff with my other card (toothpaste, razors, cereal, toilet paper - they were out of the toothbrushes, which I don't need but may buy anyway for the $1 profit) and plan on walking to the other CVS later in the week to do my other deal for the "experiment" card to roll my ECBs.

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