Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Two - Trip Three

Bought 1 Softsoap SPA bodywash (the moisture one). $4.99.

Used $3.99 ECBs, $1 coupon. Paid 7 cents (tax).

Received $4.99 ECBs.


Current tally:
Total OOP: $1.13
Total merchandise: 5 boxes of Excedrin, 1 box of CVS pain relief, 1 roll of CVS TP, 1 Softsoap SPA bodywash
Current ECB status: $5.99


Kannan Cangro said...

I couldn't find any of the moisture ones in any of my local CVS's. only the exfoliating, so i have 8 of them. i wish i could get one of these. have you seen them lately?

marlatiara said...

It seemed like everyone bought out the moisturizing one because I have mostly exfoliating too! I did see that there's a new deal for the bigger size for free/ECBs so maybe more will show up in stores before the end of the month? I hope so, I want more free bodywash!