Sunday, January 17, 2010

CVS - Toilet paper and newspaper, nothing exciting

So I probably am not going to obsessively document my CVS dealings in 2010 because, well, the deals simply haven't been as good. Plus my pantry/stockpile is overflowing (I'm going to be donating a lot to Haiti) so I just don't need as much right now.

I expected to totally spend down my ECBs today, but I forgot that the toilet paper deal gave back $4 (I thought it was $8-ish OOP, not $12-ish with $4 back). So I used my $6 plus my 50 cents for quarterly spending and got the TP, the double paper ($2.50), and then my husband wanted a beard trimmer that was $10. I spent around $18 and got back $4. The cashier couldn't be bothered to put my things in the bag I brought - she stacked them up and kind of shooed me out of the way. Nice.

Also, don't make the mistake I did and try to print the double ECB coupon that's floating around in PDF form. Don't waste your ink! The store had a million of these coupons in every single aisle - and it's also in the flyer.

Oh and I scanned my Green Bag Tag and grabbed a handful of the Everyday Beauty coupons. And I resisted the Soy Joy deal because we still have a ton left from the LAST sale (months and months ago).

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