Sunday, January 31, 2010

CVS - The dilemma

I decided that in 2010 I would try not to grab every deal, every freebie, every interesting thing that catches my eye. I have a well-established stockpile now and don't need a ton of stuff - and I just donated a bagful to help Haiti.

This week I know there is free-after-ECB men's bodywash. And with the coupon that is out today, it's a moneymaker. But I had one - ONE! - ECB. And I needed the paper. So...I got the paper for $1.50 (the double paper, remember) instead. Now I have zero.

I could spend about $4 OOP and get back the $5-ish in ECBs. It's not a bad deal at all - in fact, I'm going to be teaching some people how to start CVS-ing and it's one of the deals I'm going to suggest. But for $4 worth getting back in "the game"? Nah.

I probably will do the $1 "free" Valentine photo card in a few weeks though. Maybe I'll go enough in the meantime for necessities that I'll have another dollar from the Green Bag Tag?

I'm no fun this year, I know! ;)

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