Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kroger - Free cat treats

Well, sort of.

[NOTE THAT THIS IS FOR THE ATLANTA REGION. I know there are different regions for Kroger with different sales so if you're swooping in from elsewhere, check with your store...]

I didn't see this deal in the flyer/online, but Whiskas Temptations cat treats are part of the buy-10-get-$5-off deal at Kroger. They are $1.49 before the sale. Buy 10 (or mix them into a deal of 10 whatever) and they'll be 99 cents each. There are 50 cent coupons out there (and some for $1 off the Tuna flavor - I'll get to that in a second). That makes them free!

Yeah, unless you go to *my* Kroger. They didn't have the tuna flavor (the one I can walk to is a small store with limited selection), and they didn't have the Naturals (so I don't know if they are included in the sale - but there are lots of coupons out there for those as well).

I had two 50 cent coupons for the cat treats, plus a Catalina coupon for 75 cents that was expiring today. So instead of waiting until later and driving to a better/larger store (still mad at myself!), I walked to the little one. Only one of my coupons scanned - I also had a fourth coupon for Daisy sour cream ($1.99, then you get 50 cents off if you do the 10-deal, then a 50 cent coupon so just 50 cents for sour cream). I noticed this, of course, after the transaction was complete, so I had to wait for the customer service person.

...who of course told me something like "oh you bought too many of one thing, and you can't use more than one coupon in a transaction" but she said she'd do this for me anyway, so I just stood and smiled and nodded, because arguing probably would have made things worse. So I wound up getting $2.84 back in change, which is fine, but...I wish it had all just gone through at first. And moreso, I wish I'd gone to a different store, found the tuna flavor, and gotten even MORE of these for free.

Did I mention that my cats loooooooove treats? Heh. I feed them very high quality cat food, but sometimes they do get what I consider the equivalent of Cheetos and Doritos for a treat.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

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