Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 46 - Trip 1 (Black Friday deals +)

I did a bunch of transactions today - whee!

First I went to an out-of-the-way CVS and had the BEST experience. The manager was so helpful, making sure I used all my coupons, assuring me of my deals, etc. The staff was awesome too! I told them over and over how fabulous they were. Plus they had started the Sunday sales already AND still had the Saturday sales going. This may be standard, I rarely go to CVS on Saturday, but it was excellent.

Transaction 1:

1 Johnson's meltaway body lotion - $5.69
1 Colgate toothpaste - $2.99*
1 Maybelline Mineral Makeup - $8.99**
2 All Small&Mighty Free&Clear - $7.49 (BOGO)
1 Hershey "King Size" bar with almonds - $1

Used $1/body lotion, 2x$1/All, $2/Maybelline, $20.97 in ECBs, 50 cents (31 cents tax). Got back $15.68 - no ECBs for the Colgate. *Then both the manager and I realized I'd previously maxed out the Colgate deal - my scenario that I'd jotted down was for the Crest, they were out of it, I grabbed the Colgate without she immediately was like "OK, you can return it" and gave me a money card for $3.20 without hesitation. Easy as pie.

Then I went to the car and my husband reminded me that I was supposed to get some dishwasher soap and that he was "thirsty." I suppose I could've finagled a deal with my other card to get him more free Gatorade but instead I just wanted to spend the money card to even things out since I'd messed up originally.

Transaction 2:

1 Cascade Action Pacs - $3.49 - on sale starting tomorrow, but it worked today!
1 CVS water - $.99

I used a $1/Cascade, the $3.20 money card, and 54 cents. Except I only had 51 cents in my pocket (and a $5 - which I told the cashier about) and the cashier said "Eh, it's fine, no big deal!" I assured her I'd bring in the change from the car and she and another manager were like "No! It's fine!" and I told them AGAIN how fabulous they were. I did not adjust my running total - somehow I will make this even out, karmically, somewhere.

**Then I checked my receipt and saw that it said I could do one more Maybelline - the one I'd done on Thursday where the manager had to manually print out my ECBs wasn't listed! I had one more $2 coupon so I wanted to do that deal one more time if at all possible. So...we hit yet another CVS. Ha! This one is in a very upscale area, but the cashiers were pretty nice to me.

Transaction 3:

1 Maybelline mineral makeup - $8.99
-$2/Maybelline coupon, $6.99 ECBs. Paid 16 cents tax, got back $8.99. DONE with this card, but not done yet...


Well, then I decided to finish up some deals on my other card! First I got another L'Oreal lip gloss and another Colgate toothpaste (see, I hadn't maxed it out on THAT card which is why I got confused). It was an even exchange - I gave them a $2.99 and a $6.99, and they gave me back a $2.99 and a $6.99 and I paid nothing OOP. Woo! And THEN I came up with a quick scenario to finish up the Cover Girl and get one more Johnson's lotion, but they were out of the lotion, so I just got the Cover Girl - used a $1 coupon and $6.99 ECBs. Paid 8 cents, got back $7.99.


So in total today, I spent $1.24, I got all the above merchandise (including the All and the Cascade which were on sale but were not ECB generating) and while I lost $3.29 in ECBs on my main card (as intended - the December deals are light and I WANTED to spend some of my bucks), I gained $1 on my other card!

(I also bought an iPod cover for 75% off - $3.25 - at Borders - but unfortunately it doesn't fit my iPod, so I have to figure out whether it's worth returning or...what...)

And that's Black Friday for you. I am not sure if I'll buy the paper tomorrow - I checked the early edition of the paper at the first CVS and it didn't have the P&G circular. I may just skip it entirely. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Total OOP: $76.73
Total merchandise: 5 boxes of Excedrin, 5 boxes of CVS pain relief, 3 rolls of CVS TP, 5 12 oz. Softsoap SPA bodywashes, 1 diabetes monitor (donated), 1 EOB gift bag, 2 EOB lip butters, 2 bottles Herbal Essences shampoo, 2 bottles Herbal Essences conditioner, 5 18 oz. Softsoap SPA bodywashes, 7 Colgate toothbrushes, 3 Aquafresh toothpastes, 1 pair of CVS pantyhose, 4 Johnsons Buddies soaps, 6 travel tissue packs, 1 Dawn dish detergent, 15 double Sunday papers, 1 regular Sunday paper, 3 Tums Quik Paks, 3 boxes of CVS Loratadine, 1 spray sunblock [returned], 1 small tube sunblock, 2 boxes of cereal, 7 Colgate toothpastes, 1 box of 3 Intuition razor refills, 4 Adidas deodorants, 4 Brut deodorants, 5 Dove deodorants, 3 boxes of CVS band aids, 2 packs of CVS cotton swabs, 3 Listerine Smart Rinses, 5 bottles Powerade, 3 Nivea shave gels, 1 Benefiber, 1 bottle Dove shampoo, 1 bottle Dove conditioner, 2 tubes Nutritioniste cleanser, 3 bottles Dove body wash, 2 Oral B power toothbrushes, 2 sets of 2 Oral B power replacement heads, 1 bottle Palmolive Oxy, 16 SoyJoy bars, 3 boxes of Breathe Right strips, 5 boxes of cookies, 2-pack of Oral B toothbrushes, 24-pack Gold Emblem bottled water, 1 tube Physician's Formula mascara, 1 small jar CVS petroleum jelly, 3 photobooks, 2 packs of CVS panty liners, 8 tubs of baby wipes, 4 travel packs of baby wipes, 2 packs of makeup removing wipes, 4 packs of Trident gum, 1 pack of Thank You notes, 1 tube of Banana Boat sunblock, 2 travel-size bottles of Renu, 5 12oz bottles of Renu, 4 bags of Lifesavers, 4 big bags of M&Ms, 2 small bags of M&Ms, 2 bottles infant Advil, 1 bag of 30 CVS cough drops, 1 travel-sized bag of CVS cough drops, 2 bottles of Pert, 1 CVS ibuprofen, 2 bags Dove chocolate, 4 packs of Stayfree pads, 1 pack of Kotex lightdays pads, 4 Suave bodywashes, 2 Covergirl Wetslicks lipglosses, 2 Dawn hand renewal, 1 L'Oreal Genesis face wipes, 2 Chex Mix bags, 3 Revlon Color Stay nail polishes, 1 L'Oreal Revitalift cream, 1 box 30 Breathe Right Strips, 1 Nivea for Men bodywash, 1 bottle Crest Pro-Health rinse, 1 bottle CoverGirl clean foundation, 2 boxes of 3 Wellpatches, 1 large bottle Vitamin Water, 3 Bic Soleil razor + refills, 4 boxes Soleil refills, 2 packs of Always Infinity pads, 2 pumpkin pails, 2 bags of Brachs candy, 2 Funlights, 1 Just for Men haircolor, 2 2-packs of toothbrushes, 1 Excedrin Express Gels, 1 CVS-brand Vitamin D, 1 pack Bic Comfort Razors, 2 bags M&Ms fun size, 1 Nova Max glucose monitor, 5 greeting cards, 1 bottle Smart Water, 1 bottle Garnier shampoo, 1 Crest toothpaste, 2 Glade plug in fans, 2 Glade oil refills, 1 L'Oreal Age-Perfect Pro-Calcium tinted moisturizer, 2 L'Oreal lip glosses, 1 Garnier face wipes, 1 Sally Hansen nail polish, 1 Aussie shampoo, 1 Aussie conditioner, 3 bottles of Gatorade G2, 1 Schick Quattro, 3 Maybelline mineral makeups, 1 Covergirl smoothing powder, 1 Covergirl smoothing liquid, 1 universal remote control, 1 Johnson's lotion, 2 bottles All Small&Mighty Free&Clear, 1 Cascade Action Pacs, 1 Hershey bar, 1 single-serving CVS water.

Current ECB status: $36.62

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