Sunday, June 21, 2009

CVS - Soy Joy Soy Joy SOY JOY (and Thermacare)

So I had a plan if I got a $5/$30 from the scanner, as I'd heard people were getting them. And then I got one - and the store was out of the diabetes monitors I needed to make it work. (I also could've done everything you see below as one big transaction, but I didn't want a $20 SoyJoy ECB so I didn't do it.)

Transaction 1:
10 Soy Joys - $10
1 double paper - $2.50
1 Thermacare wrap - $2.49

Used $2/$10 SoyJoy, $1/Thermacare, $10.98 in ECBs. Paid $1.09 (8 cents tax). Got back $10.49 in ECBs.

Transaction 2:
5 Soy Joys - $5
1 Thermacare wrap - $2.49

Used $1/$5 SoyJoy, $6.49 in ECBs. Paid 2 cents (tax) Got back $6.49 ECBs.

Transaction 3:
5 Soy Joys - $5
3 Powerades - $3.75

Used $1/$5 SoyJoy, 3 free Powerade coupons from My Coke Rewards. Paid 10 cents tax, got back $8 ECBs for the SoyJoys but not the $1 for the Powerades. (I was talking to a fellow CVS shopper and got distracted, will call CS on Monday.)

UPDATE: Called CS, my $1 ECB will print in 48 hours, I'm adding it to my running total now.

Then the other CVS shopper said she didn't like SoyJoy bars, so she gave me most of hers. ;)

Next up, grab two pints of free Starbucks ice cream from Publix (on sale for $1.90, $2 coupon in today's paper). Yay!


Total OOP: $22.43 ($8.50 tax)
Total merchandise: 13 double Sunday papers, 3 single Sunday papers, 4 boxes Throat Coolers, 1 Garnier 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, 6 packs of Stayfree maxi pads, 1 box of sheer Band Aids, 4 boxes of Soy Joy bars, 20 Soy Joy bars, 1 pack of Nutra Trim gum, 6 bottles Dawn, 4 travel packs of tissues, 7 greeting cards, 2 boxes 5 ct. allergy meds, 2 3-packs of CVS brand paper towels, 1 box of CVS cold medicine (Dayquil-ish), 1 Gillette shampoo, 1 Gillette conditioner, 1 Gillette shampoo+conditioner, 1 box of 30 Breathe Right strips, 4 Gillette Gamer razors, 2 L'Oreal towelettes, 1 KY product, 1 CVS toilet paper, 1 10-count Excedrin, 1 chewable aspirin, 2 Johnson's Buddies soaps, 1 20 oz. Dr. Pepper, 1 small CVS mouthwash, 10 25-count CVS cotton rounds, 4 small boxes of Wheat Thins, 1 Boost Kid Essentials, 2 Cascade Action Pacs, 2 bags of Halls cough drops, 2 Energy Shots 2 pack, 5 Colgate toothpastes, 1 small box Breathe Right strips, 5 bottles Suave body wash, 2 bottles Herbal Essences shampoo, 2 bottles Herbal Essences conditioner, 1 Snickers heart candy, 2 bottles Mylanta Mint, 1 Fruitopia shampoo, 2 Venus Spa Breeze razors, 1 Renuzit Tri-Scent starter kit, 1 box 10-count Carnation Instant Breakfast, 2 single-serving Pringles, 1 bottle Vaseline lotion, 1 tube Crest toothpaste, 1 bottle Irish Spring body wash, 5 Dry Idea roll on deodorants, 1 Colgate Max White, 2 Colgate Max Fresh, 1 Crest Pro-Health Enamel, 2 Hylands teething tablets, 2 Skintimate shave gels, 1 pack Juicyfruit gum, 1 Softsoap coconut scrub, 2 Colgate sensitive toothpastes, 1 Zantrex 2-pack, 1 Adidas deodorant, 3 Contour monitors, 1 Bayer quick-release aspirin, 1 tub CVS-brand baby wipes, 2 bags Purina dog treats, 1 box of Playtex tampons, 2 boxes of Hello Kitty bandaids, 1 Clearasil face wash, 2 Speed Stick pro deodorants, 1 diet Dr. Pepper, 1 Gillette Fusion razor, 3 Powerades, 2 Thermacare wraps.

Current ECB status: $28.49


awshucks said...

"Soy Joy Soy Joy SOY JOY (and Thermacare)" sounds like the start of a silly song. :-)

Did you not have any of the BOGO SoyJoy coupons? I had 6 but bought 34 more from a clipper who I already had store credit with (I used all 4 of my cards for this money-making deal).

Weird that your Powerade ECB didn't print but easily fixable. I did my first batch last weekend and will do the rest next weekend when my area gets a short ad yet again. *insert eyeroll here*

marlatiara said...

I had two $1/5 SoyJoy and one $2/10. I guess in retrospect more BOGOs would have earned me more ECBs, but I'm fine with how I did - especially with the amounts I needed to roll. :) (I had one BOGO that I tried to give the other mom, but she didn't need it.)