Friday, September 5, 2008

Scenarios for September 7

I'm trying to figure out the best way to work this week.

UPDATED based on plan for later (this entry is a mess, sorry!)

I have $1 off the L'Oreal Skin Genesis line, and I have a $5.99 ECB [and will have a $2 ECB later]. So I can get the free L'Oreal with a $1 profit toward something else.
I need to buy the double paper for $2.50.
I want to get Breathe Right strips - my husband uses them. They are $5.99 for a 12 count box, according to what I wrote in this blog the last time I bought them. That last time, I got a bonus box of 14, and it included a $2 coupon. So I can buy a box for $3.99 and get back $2 (September deal). I have one printable for $2 off as well, and I'm hoping that I can get another bonus box with more strips and another coupon in it as well.

I have three options, and each has pros and cons.

Option 1 - One big transaction:
1 LOreal - $5.99
1 double paper - $2.50
1 Breathe Right strips - $5.99
- $1 LOreal, $2 Breathe Right, $5.99 ECBs, $2 ECBs.
Pay $3.49 + tax OOP, get back $7.99 ECBs

Option 2:
Transaction 1:
1 LOreal - $5.99
1 double paper - $2.50
1 50 cent item (tissues or cough drops)
-$1 LOreal, $5.99 ECBs, $2 ECBs
Pay sales tax, get back $5.99

Transaction 2:
1 Breathe Right strips - $5.99
[$2 filler - probably use $2 coupon for nail polish so that it is free. Other options include $2.49 Herbal Essences or Perrier - I have two $1 coupons but am not sure how much it costs, will check later. I am more likely to actually use the HE, but I would make money on the nail polish...]

-$2 Breathe Right coupon, $5.99 ECBs, get back $2 for Breathe Right and $3 for nail polish (or $1 for HE)

Lower OOP, wind up with fewer ECBs, but get more stuff.

I'm torn! What would you do? Stay tuned to see what I choose, and of course watch this post because I might change it as I figure out other things!

UPDATE: I think later today I am going to go do this:
Dawn hand renewal - 99 cents
3 Suave body washes - $6
Use $1 off Dawn (but there is one cashier who totally freaks out if the coupon is for more than the item so we'll see), and then BOGO Suave and 50 cents off Suave. I should pay around $3.50 plus tax for that, and get $2 ECBs back. This would make my first option for Sunday work the best now, I think...

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Becca said...

Perrier is 1.69. Now let me finish reading. lol.